Behind the Scenes: Shorter Pet Photography Sessions | Sydney Pet Photographer

Today I want to take you behind the scenes and show you a full gallery of images from a shorter pet photography session.

Shorter sessions (Petite Sessions) usually run for about 30 minutes and are perfect for anyone who only needs a few images or isn't looking for more active photos of their dog, or a lot of variety in their pictures.

Get to see behind the scenes of a shorter pet photography session or Petite Session, at Pawtastic Photography, a Sydney based pet photographer. See a full gallery of images from a previous client of Pawtastic Photography.

Because of the shorter nature of these pet photography sessions, the main focus is on portraits of your dog. And, if I have time, then portraits with you as well.

Your dog will most likely be kept on leash for the duration of this type of session (unless they are well trained), and to maximise the amount of variety in your portraits we will shift to different areas within the location throughout the session.

This is why I usually have a set location for these shorter sessions, as I know the area well and how I can get you the best images in the shorter amount of time for your pet photography session.

See a shorter pet photography session with Pawtastic Photography, featuring Blossom. A cute and scruffy dog playing in Sydney Park.
A black and white chihuahua cross dog prances and plays in Sydney Park during her Petite session with Sydney based photographer, Pawtastic Photography.
See cute cuddles and running leaps from this pint-sized dog, a chihuahua cross who was photographed by Pawtastic Photography, a Sydney based pet photographer.
Blossom, the small chihuahua cross dog plays with her toys and gets cuddles with her mum at Sydney Park during her photoshoot with professional pet photographer, Pawtastic Photography.


Quick Tips To Help You With Your Shorter Session

  • Be early

  • Allow your dog time to sniff the area before their session starts

  • Take your dog for a long walk beforehand if they are highly excitable

  • If your dog is excitable or hard to manage, bring another person with you (they won't be in the photos but they can help get your dog's attention)

  • Bring their favourite toys or treats

  • And most importantly... relax! Dogs feel your stress levels and respond accordingly. If you get anxious, then they will too.


I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek behind the scenes of a shorter pet photography session and the quick tips were helpful.


If you would like to book your own session please contact me. I'd love to work with you.