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If it's gotta do with pets and photos - I'm your girl

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I help pet parents get photos of their pets that are gorgeous and capture their true personality.

Wrangling everyone together for a family photo is hard enough when they can all understand you, but what about when they can't?

That's where I come in...

I believe that every owner's relationship with their furry family member is special. And that every pet has a story to tell. Whether it's their love of a ball, the way they love to feel the wind rushing past their head while driving in the car or their love for their humans.

Each are unique and all manage to wiggle their way into our hearts with their wagging tails and purring ways.


Every business begins with an idea and mine began when my friend and her husband were telling me the story about how they had tried to find a photographer to take some photos of their Jack Russell Terrier, Cooper.

They had had some trouble trying to find a photographer that worked with dogs. Apparently they had searched through lots of photographers websites before they were able to find:
a) a dedicated pet photographer
b) someone with a style they liked and
c) someone who actually got back to them with details.

To be honest, this whole conversation was a bit of an eye opener for me.

At that point, I wasn't making my living as a photographer (I had let naysayers and their fears that "photography isn't a viable job" keep me from pursuing it professionally) but I was still taking photos as a hobby I immensely enjoyed.

And invariably, whenever, I went to take photos - I always seemed to gravitate towards taking photos of peoples pets instead of them :)

Truthfully: I'm always that girl at the party who you see sitting in the corner patting the cat or making friends with the dog instead of talking to people ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What can I say? I'm a bit of an introvert and making friends with pets is always so much easier than trying to do the same with people.

So here I was, listening to a story about my friends trying to find a pet photographer and all I could think was - "how did I never know that was a job?", followed by "why can't I do that?".

I had been learning and practising photography since before it was even digitised (I learnt photography back in the film days - yep, I go back that far). And I already loved taking photos of people's pets, why couldn't I take it to the next step?

Turns out - I could. 

And that's how Pawtastic Photography was born - from a tiny seed planted in my mind during a conversation and a lot of hard work, it's grown to what it is today. 





Customised Service

Does your dog love to do the zoomies at the local park? Lean against your leg as you both people watch at the corner café? Splash heroically through the waves to reach his ball at the beach?

Each dog and each person’s relationship with their pet is different. That’s why each session is customised with you and your pet in mind. There’s no cookie cutter formula, just personalised service.



Online Booking System

No one likes to wait these days. And why should you? That’s why you can book, schedule and pay for your Pawtastic session from the comfort of your lounge and be booked in minutes.

There are no long drawn out email chains necessary, just book a time in my schedule that's convenient for you and I'll be there.


I Come To You

Want to hold your session at your local park where you and your dog like to play each day or on the hiking trail near your house that you both love to run? Great, let me grab my hiking boots and I’ll join you.

I travel to you for the session. What better way to document your relationship with your pet than by doing things you both love, where you love.



Online Gallery Selection

The last thing you want to do after work or on your day off is schlepp all the way to me to order your images.

That’s why I’ve made it as easy as possible for you by providing you with an online gallery from which you can make your selections. You get to view them at a time and place that's convenient for you. 



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