Nicole + Spartacus - Day 24 of the Dog Days of Summer | Sydney Pet Photographer

Beaglier, Spartacus, poses atop a wall in Sydney Park for his pet portraits with Pawtastic Photography, a Sydney based professional pet photographer

Spartacus is a Beaglier

What does summer time mean to you and your dog?

Swimming at the beach, walking, chasing sticks

What are five (5) words that best describe your dog?

Curious, cheeky, happy, friendly, loveable

What are your favourite things to do with your dog?


Beaglier, Spartacus, poses with a smile amid the various greenery and tree bark at Sydney Park. Next to him is his owner as they get their photos taken by professional pet photographer, Pawtastic Photography during their Dog Days of Summer session.

How would you describe your relationship with your dog?

We are snuggle buddies

What do you love most about your dog?

His love and affection for me

Tell me about your dog.

Spartacus nose rules him. If will go on an adventure to follow the scents that interest him. He is cuddly and loveable. He loves a good run playing fetch followed by a snooze on your lap with loud snoring.

Thank you Nicole and Spartacus for taking part in the Dog Days of Summer!