Don't Think Your Pet Can Sit Still For A Photo Shoot? 4 Things You Should Know Before You Book

Worried that your dog will never sit still long enough to have professional pet photos taken? I get it. This is a top client concern.

Every time you go to take a photo of your dog or cat, they move, don't they? One second they are looking their utmost cutest, their little eyes brimming with love and adorableness so you reach for you camera. You raise it up high, tap the phone to focus and just as you hover your finger over the shutter.... BAM! They move!

Suddenly that extremely cute pose you wanted to remember forever has been replaced with the back of their head as they turn away from you. Or, even worse, their butt as they move away from you!

It never fails - every time you go to take a cute photo they move. It's like they instinctively know that that's what you're trying to do and they are determined to thwart you at every turn.

Sound familiar?

Are you worried about your dog sitting still and being able to behave during a professional pet photography session? If that's the case, here are 4 things you need to know before you book with Pawtastic Photography | Sydney Pet Photographer

It's not just you, I promise. This happens to a lot of pet owners. Probably because your pets have gotten used to having their photo taken all the time and have grown a bit bored with the entire process. They no longer see the benefit of doing this for you and as such, turn or walk away when they see you're about to try to take a photo again.

It's ok that they do this.

It doesn’t mean that your dog is not photogenic and can never have their photo taken.

It simply means that that's going to be one of the main reasons that you should hire a professional pet photographer.

In fact, here are 4 things you should know when you hire me for your pet's professional photos.


1. I don't need them to look at me all the time

WOW! [Mind blown, am I right?] In all seriousness, I actually don't need your pet to be focused on me 100% of the time. Dogs need to be allowed to be their doggy selves, even on a photo shoot. Especially on a photo shoot with me.

If you want me to capture all their goofy antics, their playful, shy, energetic ways then they need to be allowed to be themselves.

That's the best way that you can get images that really show their personality and essence. That really capture THEM.


2. I have secret ninja skills to get their attention

I do, I really do. In my spare time I've honed my ninja craft and practised on neighbourhood pets (hehe! I'm kidding! Wouldn't that be cool though?)

What I do have are skills in getting their focus - when I need it. That's an important distinction. When I need it .

As I said above - I don't need your pets to look at me 100% of the time. Of course, you want images of your pet looking into the camera. And I do too.

I love the shots of pets looking directly at the camera. There's always so much emotion and expression you can see in them. There's always so much personality in their eyes.

And I can get those photos for you too.

I just have skills in order to achieve that, that doesn't involve them being forced to look at me 100% of them time.

This makes them much more comfortable with being photographed and more likely to give me the behaviour I need during a photo session.


3. I'm in control during a photo session.

What they means is, as the photographer I control the elements I can. Time of day, the lighting, my position in relation to your pet, the angles I use photographing your pet.

I also incorporate their natural behaviour, their energy and direct it in a way they will result in the best images for you.

By being able to control these other elements, as well as my skill and knowledge with my camera, I'm able to create situations when I can get the best photos of your pet.

I can create situations that take advantage of their normal behaviours and incorporate them into a session in a way that feels natural and organic.

This way your pets don't feel stressed and they aren't made to be uncomfortable.

The top priority during a pet photography session is to make sure that your pet feels secure, safe and comfortable. And by being able to control and direct these other elements - it makes for a much more enjoyable experience for them to be photographed.


4.  I don't expect them to be the perfect model.

They just need to be themselves. Because ultimately those are the photos you'll want.

You want to see and remember your pet the same as they are in real life - stretching for that bit of food - eyes bugging out of their head, running after that ball they love, looking up at you with love.

Those are the images you'll want. Those are the images that will speak to you the most.

Feeling a little more relieved now?

I don't need your pet to be the perfect model, with extensive sitting skills (though if you have those, it's always nice). Photographing your pet is not just about capturing them in all their perfect ways.

It's about documenting them as they are - in all their imperfect ways too.

Nobody's perfect 100% of them time. And honestly, isn't it the imperfections that make us love them more?

Ready to book your own session? 

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