3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Pet Photographer

Perhaps you've been thinking about getting professional pet photos for awhile. Or perhaps, you've never even heard of professional pet photography and didn't realise it was a 'thing'.

Wherever you are in your pet photography journey, I encourage you to give this a read. These are just 3 reasons why you may decide you want to invest in professional pet photography.

These are the most common reasons I hear about from my clients about why they have decided to invest in their session and I wanted to share them with you, incase you hadn't thought about it yet. Especially number two. 

Many people don't know that there is such a thing as professional pet photographers. In this blog post I explain 3 reasons why you should hire a professional pet photographer to capture gorgeous imagery of your pet.

1. You Can't Get Your Pet To Sit Still
This one is quite common. You've tried and you've tried but every time you try to take a photo of your dog/cat/bird/rabbit they move! Every single time. No matter how stealthily you bring your camera up or how long they have been sitting in the same position - as soon as you try to get that photo, off they go. They've turned their head, they shift to sit in another position, they get up and leave or even worse… they just turn around so that all you have to take a photo of is their butt! And as cute as that butt is, I bet that it's not quite the photo you were hoping for.
It's ok, I've had many clients face this exact problem. In fact, many of them come to me convinced that their dog ‘will never stay still for a photo' or 'just won't let you get a good photo'. And all of them have walked away with not just one but many photos they love of their pet.
In fact, they are often amazed by what I am able to capture and have a hard time choosing which images to keep because they love them all.
And the secret tip - we don't need your dog to sit still, we're just as prepared for crazy running around as we are for sitting under the shade of a tree.
This is just one of the reason why you should hire a professional pet photographer.
Because they will be able to get the photographs that you can't. They have practised their photography craft as well as working with pets so that you have a seamless, smooth experience. You get to enjoy your time together playing and having fun with your pet while the photographer captures all those moments for you. No stress for you and beautiful photos.
2. You Realise That Your Pet Won’t Be Around Forever
This one is a  tough one. Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows that they won’t live as long as you will. We know this intellectually but we don't tend to focus on it until it’s too late. Often I've gotten clients whose pet has become sick or they are getting older contact me to do a session for their pet.
These sessions are often difficult for both the pet and their their owner. Often the pet isn't as physically able to do as much as they once were and the owner is obviously distraught at the thought of losing their beloved friend. However, they want some good photos to remember their best friend before it’s too late because this is the only chance they have left.
Are these sessions hard?... Yes... But these memories are priceless and something that I recommend to all my clients - regardless of how they look or the limited ability of their movement, you'll want something to remember them after they are gone.
But... if you can... my suggestion would be to think about having photos taken before your pet gets to this stage. You may only get professional photos of your pet done once in their lifetime, or you may get them done frequently to document their life - whichever you choose, it’s always best to think about before you get to the stage where you HAVE to get them done. 
I always suggest to think about how you most want to remember your pet. In most cases, the answer is as your playful and happy companion. The one who greets you at the door with a tail wag and doggy kisses. Who drags you out of bed in the morning for walkies and will spend hours playing fetch or happily snoozing next to you on the couch.
So please... make sure you remember that while their time may be too brief, it's infinitely fulfilling and something you could never replace. Think about how you will remember your friend after they are gone and think about whether you would like some professional photos of them before it’s too late.
3. You Want To Be In The Photos Too
Most people are nervous in front of the camera, unless you're my nephew and then you jump in front of the camera as soon as it's pulled out of its case.
But the majority of us aren't comfortable in front of the camera. Suddenly we aren't sure what to do with our hands, or where to stand or if we should smile, not smile, look at the camera, not look at the camera - the list goes on.
But...sometimes it's nice to be in the photo. Often the people who are looking to get professional photos of their pet are the ones who take the pictures in their regular life. They are the ones who document their pets lives with iPhone snaps and instagram updates. And whenever they scroll through the photos they never see a photo of themselves with their pet.
Often times I get people who just want 'one good photo' of them with their pet. One that isn't a selfie or a picture that would've looked good if only the dog hadn't moved :)
One that shows the relationship between the two of you and they love that you share. One that fills you with happiness as you look at it and say "we look good".
Others want a photo with their pet that includes them but doesn't show them fully. Often some of my clients favourites are the photos where you can only see their legs as their dog leans against them, where you see their hand stroking their fur but your face isn't in view, where you only see them in black silhouette against the sunset.
These types of photos are able to document the relationship while making the pet parent more at ease by not showing themselves fully.
Really, it's up to you whether you want to take part in having photos too but I always try to suggest that you join in for a few photos, even if you are uncomfortable, as you may be surprised by the result. At the worst, you just won't select those images as ones to keep at your Ordering Appointment. At best, they may be one of your most favourite memories.

These are just three of the many reasons that someone might hire a professional pet photographer. You might have another reason, or you may have never considered it before. Wherever you are in your journey with your pet, I highly encourage you to think about getting professional photos taken. Not just because that’s my job but because I know firsthand how hard it is when you don’t have at least one ‘great’ photo of your pet.
So please - if you’re thinking of getting some photos, reach out and get in touch.