Picking The Right Photographer - for the right job

Newborn photographers are some special kind of ninja baby whisperer's.
They seem to know just what to do to soothe the baby while still getting those awww inducing photos. They know how to handle your baby with the utmost tenderness and skill and are definitely the niche photographer I would suggest if you've just had a baby and want professional photos.
You may be wondering why I'm talking about newborns and babies on a pet photography blog. But bare with me for a moment...

Sydney pet photographer, Pawtastic Photography, talks about picking the right photographer for the right job. If you've ever questioned what you should be looking for in a photographer - this is the blog post for you.

Babies are not my 'thing'. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate them. I mean who could? But I don't see what everyone else sees which is an adorable little gift who's cheeks you just want to smoosh. All I can see is something that I can potentially drop. Something that I don't have the right skills for. Something I don't know what to do with.
Now if you were to change that situation and present me with a new dog or kitten or really anything pet related and I'm the first one up to take a look. To want to hold them or play with them. I'm completely at ease with a new puppy, with their soft fur and adorable puppy breath. Eek don't get me started.
Pets I understand. Pets I get. Pets are what gets me going.
And pets - just like babies, require a special skill set to photograph them to their fullest advantage. 
Pets are fast. Pets don't always do what they are told. Pets are constantly moving and they have short attention spans. For most people they agree with the old adage 'never work with kids or pets'... but I've not only chosen to work with them, I’ve chosen to specialise in them. 
I've chosen to dedicate my career to capturing them in all their doggy magnificence or feline splendor. And since pets are what I decided to specialise in when I turned my photography hobby into a business. I've spent many hours perfecting my style, my craft and my ability to capture pets.
So when you go to book a photographer, make sure you understand who you are choosing and their style.
Do you want a photographer who shoots everything from weddings, families, newborns and pets to take photos of your beloved pooch?
Or do you want someone who understands your pet? Someone who sees what you see when you look at your best friend? Someone who dedicates themselves specifically to photographing pets and knows how to handle them at the shoot as well as get the best out of them.
So when you’re thinking of getting professional photos taken - make sure to think about what you need and want and choose the photographer who’s able to do that for you.
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