Genevieve + Pumpkin - Day 15 of the Dog Days of Summer | Sydney Pet Photographer

Pug dog sits in bliss in her mum's lap enjoying a nice pat during her Dog Days of Summer photo session with Pawtastic Photography.

Pumpkin is a 7 year old Pug x Cavalier

What does summer time mean to you and your dog?

Lots of day snoozing and warm evening walks :)

What are five (5) words that best describe your dog?

Sweet, human, clever, adorable, personality!

What are your favourite things to do with your dog?

Go to the park, snuggle, have a bath (shower - I don't have a bath 😭 )together, play chasies

Pug dog Pumpkin poses up a storm during her Dog Days of Summer photo session with Sydney based pet photographer, Pawtastic Photography.

How would you describe your relationship with your dog?

Soul mate - there for me infinitely regardless of anything. Pumpkin understands my feelings and me hers.

What do you love most about your dog?

Her feet have a comforting smell we call "dirt paw" haha and the noises she makes are hilarious.. Her snuffles and snores are so funny! Can't really pick one thing!!

Tell me about your dog.

Pumpkin is immediately likeable and has the personality of a human. She is soft and cuddly and loves lying next to you or on you. She is definitely one of a kind and will look into your eyes to try and communicate what she's thinking. She's the definition of loyal and will comfort you when you are sad, play with you when you are happy and just be right there with you all the time. She is my best friend and has won the hearts of everyone I know. There's a lot to say but put simply she is special and I can't imagine life without her!

Thank you Genevieve and Pumpkin for taking part in the Dog Days of Summer!