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Worried Your Pet Won't Behave in a Session? | Pawtastic Pet Photography

This post is for anyone who wants to hire a pet photographer but don't believe they can due to their dog's "behaviour".

A lot of the time I hear: my dog will never sit still long enough to get their photo taken,my dog goes a bit crazy in new locations or with new people or I can never get him to behave when I try to take his photo. First of all, I  want to let you know that this is not just you. I've heard this from many different dog owners in various situations, so you are not alone!

That being said, I am going to tell you that despite this you can and you should get their photo's taken and here's why...

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Lennox | Sydney Pet Photographer

Don't you just love boxers? With their loveable squishy faces and their beautiful personalities I could fall in love easily. And Lennox was no exception. As soon as I saw him, I wanted to squeal with delight. Soooo cute!!! I'm such a sucker for animals. If I had seen him on the street I would be that person who starts talking to you about your dog. I simply can't resist. Luckily, I got to indulge all of my patting and cuddling urges during his session. Not to mention, I probably bombarded his poor mum with endless questions about her baby. :)

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Iggy | Pawtastic Photography ~ Pet Portraits

Plop! Once again Iggy had deposited the ball between my legs after fetching it. Good boy! Well done! These are all things you would think would spring to mind after having an 9 month old pup return the ball. And the return was good, he delivered the ball right to me. What I didn't say, was Iggy's need to grab that ball again, immediately after dropping it. Imagine 30kgs of dog nosing around your 'private area' determined to GET HIS BALL!

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Evie | Sydney Dog Photography

Meet Evie, the loveable seven year old Shar Pei mix. She was an absolute delight to photograph and could be quite cheeky. She knows all her manners sit, stay, down and roll over and she performed the first three beautifully for the camera, as well as some cheeky pee-a-boo sessions from behind some plants.

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5 Human foods that can harm, or even kill, your dog.

Did you know that there are lots of human foods out there that can make your dog sick? Possibly even kill them? Here is a list of 5 common foods that can be found in a lot of kitchens but should NEVER be given to a dog.  I know, I know we’ve all done it. We look into those big puppy eyes, those eyes that are pleading with us for just one small piece…I love you…I wont tell…and you cave. You get suckered and give your dog a piece of your meal. "But he's so cute, what harm is there?"

Well, for the dog there could be a lot of harm depending on what you fed him.

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Doggy-doo-doo...What to do?

Ok, so you love your adorable munchkin. You shower your dog with love, feed them, take them for walks and let them sleep on the bed occasionally. You love them to bits and they love you. But there is one aspect of doggy life that you don’t love…dog poo. Let me show you some options... Now you may think that cleaning up dog poo is a no brainer when it comes to what to do but there are some options out there that not everyone has heard of and might just help you out as well as be environmentally friendly. So read on for doggy doo tips and tricks.

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Why dogs love peanut butter and how you can use it!

Peanut butter is a treat that some dog owners don’t know about. And I’m here to say… you should change that now! Dogs love this stuff and not only is it a good source of protein, but it also contains heart healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E. Not only do dogs love peanut butter it can be useful for you too, if you know how to use it. I’m here to show you 3 ways you can use a normal sandwich spread for your pooch.

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