Doggy-doo-doo...What to do?

Ok, so you love your adorable munchkin. You shower your dog with love, feed them, take them for walks and let them sleep on the bed occasionally. You love them to bits and they love you. But there is one aspect of doggy life that you don’t love…dog poo. Let me show you some options... Now you may think that cleaning up dog poo is a no brainer when it comes to what to do but there are some options out there that not everyone has heard of and might just help you out as well as be environmentally friendly. So read on for doggy doo tips and tricks.

First of all let’s start with some info that you might not know. Cause let’s face it, its not a topic that get readily discussed so its possible you may be operating under some of the well known myths regarding dog poo.

Besides being smelly and not something that you want to step in dog poo can actually be harmful to humans. Dog poo produces bacteria called E. Coli, fecal coliform bacteria, salmonella, and giardia, all of which can cause serious and harmful health issues to human beings. So needless to say disposing of waste properly is important and here’s 3 options you may not be aware of:

Worm Farms

You may know that they can dispose of regular kitchen waste but did you know they could take care of your dog poo for you too? Using a worm farm to dispose of your doggy doo’s is a cheap and reliable way to dispose of a dog’s waste. Not to mention better for the environment as there are no need for chemicals and products. It can also tackle the issue of their hair as well, as worms will eat that too! How great is that?

Who knew the simple worm could dispose of a dog’s droppings in such and environmentally friendly manner?

Some things to note:

*Leave at least 48 hours between when you worm your dog and putting the poop in the worm farm as that stuff will kill your little workers too.

*Only use the compost produced on a decorative garden not a vegetable garden.

*Only feed your worms the dog poo. If you put other food in their container they’ll eat that and leave the poo. Which kind of defeats the whole point!

Disposal Unit

These are like mini septic tanks that take care of your dog’s waste for you. You simply dig a hole in your backyard, place the container inside and add some water. You then deposit your dog’s waste to it, add a digester solution to it regularly and the poop breaks down naturally and digests back into your yard.

Poo Remover Service

Did you know that there are now services that can take care of this problem for you. A quick phone call, money exchanged and someone comes and picks up the poop. Wow! And the best bit – a lot of the services don’t even need you to be home when they do it so you can be at work, dropping the kids at soccer or doing the grocery shopping and someone else taking your least favourite task off your hands. This is a great option for those where there simply isn’t enough time in the day.

Now hopefully you've learnt some things you didn't know before it'll help you with your best friends business...