The Ordering Appointment: How It Works | Sydney Pet Photographer

Since this is probably the first time that you've had professional pet photography done with your dog or cat, it's ok to not know how everything works.

In fact, it's completely normal.

You could be thinking to yourself ‘what happens after the photos are taken’?

‘How do I see the photos when they're ready’? ‘When will they be ready’?

‘What happens next’?

Well… a lot of things happen after your session is held and before your Ordering Appointment takes place. 

Let me take you through the journey your photos take after your pet photography session...



From Inquiry to Delivery: What You Need To Know | Sydney Pet Photographer

Booking a professional pet photography session isn't a normal occurrence for most people. In fact, booking any type of professional photos is not what happens in an average day usually.

Because of this, I would like to demystify the process a little bit and take you behind the scenes of my pet photography client process. 

This will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have about booking a pet photographer, that perhaps my website hasn't answered for you yet.

I've broken it down into four sections for you...



Why Light Is Important To Your Pet Photography Session | Sydney Pet Photographer

Most people think of light in terms of whether it's sunny or cloudy. Sunny means that it's weather for the beach or to spend some time outdoors.

Whereas cloudy usually means you need to plan your day, in case the weather turns to rain. 

Or perhaps it means applying more sunscreen then a sunny day because clouds are tricky little white puffs of innocence, so you usually burn more on those days then during the full sun (No...? Just me with my pale complexion then... Anyway...)

Light in relation to photography can be a little more complicated.

In fact most people would probably think that the best time for pet photography would be in the middle of the day as it's the brightest time of the day, with the sun at it's peak.

Have you ever thought that?

If that's the case, read on to discover when the best time for your pet photography session is and why lighting matters...



Picking a Session Location - How Do You Choose? | Sydney Pet Photographer

Picking a location for your pet photography session is a lot like buying real estate. At it’s core: it's all about the location, location, location. 

You want the best place possible so that you can get the best images possible. Because even though the focus of the session is on your pets, the backdrop to your session can make or break an image.

But, before you pick the location there are 4 points you may want to consider when you’re making the decision.

Click through to read the full post...



Do I Need To Be In The Pet Photos During A Session? | Sydney Pet Photographer

Pet photography sessions are just that. Pet photography sessions. The focus is and always will be on your pet first. My main goal of a session is to capture images of your pet that you love and images that express your pet's personality.

Many of my clients are happy to be included in the images too and many others do not want to be in them at all.

Either of these options is fine. I'm happy to include you if you want but I'm just as happy to leave you out of them if you prefer it.

The choice is up to you.

That being said the following are 3 reasons why I will always encourage a pet parent to jump in for a photo or two.