Kate and Harli | Day 22 of the 29 Dog Days of Summer

Welcome Kate & Harli

Harli is a 7 year old Pug X

Use five words that best describe Harli
Toe licker (grounder)
Ball chaser

What does Summer means to you both?
We explore a lot in Summer with lots of walks and swims. Her and her brother, Crash love being off the lead and meeting new dogs.

What are your favourite things to do with together?
Throw the ball

How would you describe your relationship with your dog?
She follows me everywhere and when she stops I follow her everywhere. She's been my constant best friend for 7 years and we have a beautiful bond.

What do you most love about Harli?
I love that she is so intuitive with people. If someone is upset she just knows how to ground them and be with them at that time It can be quite incredible to watch in action. Then there is her ability to just be like any other dog - eating cat poo when she can find it and chasing balls at the dog park.

Thank you for being part of the 29 Dog Days of Summer Kate & Harli. It was lovely getting to know you both and capturing your relationship with each other.