Michelle + Jersey - Day 1 of the Dog Days of Summer | Sydney Pet Photographer

French bulldog Jersey and owner Michelle took part in the Dog Days of Summer with Sydney Pet Photographer - Pawtastic Photography

Jersey is 5 month old French Bulldog

What does summer time mean to you and your dog?

Adventures outdoors - swimming, kayaking, walking. Some lounging and hanging out like we don't usually get to. The beach!

What are five (5) words that best describe you dog?

cheeky, affectionate, friendly, lovable and playful

What are your favourite things to do with your dog?

Running around with her in the park and playing chasey, as well as snoozing with her on the couch when she is super sleepy.

Jersey, the French Bulldog and her mum Michelle took part in the Dog Days of Summer with Sydney based pet photographer - Pawtastic Photography

What do you love most about your dog? 

Her gorgeous eyes and face and when she snuggles up next to me. When I get home from work and she's super excited to see me and we go hang out in the park

How would you describe your relationship with your dog?

Best mates hanging out as much as we can. I take her wherever I can, including interstate to visit family

Tell me about your dog.

Jersey is such a cheeky, gorgeous little pup, who is adored by everyone who meets her. I can barely walk 10 steps down the street without someone stopping to say hello and she just loves people and other dogs. She is playful and cheeky and loves exploring (and chewing everything in sight!) but at the end of the day when she is tired and hungry she just wants her mum. She has so much personality and she really lights up my life.

Thank you so much Michelle and Jersey for taking part in the Dog Days of Summer!