5 of the Best Off Leash Parks in Sydney

Heading out and about with your doggy mate? Looking for a leash free park in suburban Sydney where your dog can run free? I've got you covered with these 5 spots. The best of the best parks where your beast can roam free, sniff and explore to his heart's content.

Off leash parks are a great resource for you as a pet owner to get out and have fun with your pet. They also offer an opportunity for your pooch to become better socialised around both people and other dogs, not to mention make some buddies and basically have a doggy good time.

I've compiled a list of 5 spots around Sydney that should have you out and about with your best friend in no time. Choose your favourite and go there often or try all 5 of them. The choice is yours.

Centennial Park

Located between the suburbs of Randwick, Moore Park, Woollahra and Bondi Junction this park is uber convenient for a variety of Sydney suburbanites. According to the Centennial Parklands website 43% of it's land is designated as off leash! Yippee!! That's a gigantic 154 hectares for you and your dog to explore and get lost in! You're sure to find a favourite spot in this park.

You can find out all the information you need about visiting this park with your furry friend here, including the details of where you can and can't go.

Hawthorne Canal Reserve

Located in the suburb of Leichhardt and home of the pooch loving community at Cafe Bones. Here your four legged friend can run free and meet up with his canine buddies. There is a good area for playing and socialising however take care near the canal as there is no fencing blocking it off. So make sure your dog has good recall otherwise you might have to play fetch yourself from a muddy canal:)

Besides being able to stop and grab a coffee and a treat for your dog this park is also dedicated off leash. There are still some areas where a leash is needed though but you can download a pdf showing these areas here.

Trenerry Reserve

This little gem can be found high on the southern headland of Coogee Bay. This park is designated off leash for dogs and has some pretty amazing views that the humans can enjoy while your pooch frolics and cavorts to his hearts content. If you enjoy an ocean view and coastal breeze than check out this spot.

Glebe Foreshore Parks

Rather than give you one park in Glebe here are four parks right at the waters edge that provide great walking tracks and gorgeous views across Rozelle Bay. You're spoilt for choice here with Federal Park, Bicentennial Park, Blackwattle Bay Park and Jubilee Park. Of the four parks only Jubilee is leashed at all times. The rest are doggy heaven with off leash areas available at any time of the day. Just make sure you stick to the approved off leash areas. This link here will provide you with more info on where you can and can't go off leash.

Sydney Park

A former brickworks site, you can still see the tall chimneys that used to function there, making it an easily recognisable location in St Peter's. This park is over 40 hectares of green grassy hills, wetlands and walkways that you and your dog can explore. The park is unleashed regardless of the time of day but there are a few areas that are off limits for the dogs. These areas are the Wetlands, Alan Davidson Oval, Sydney Park Cycling Centre, the playground and the barbecue areas. But don't worry, there is more than enough space for you and your dog to have a good time and make lots of friends. This spot is VERY dog friendly and he'll love you for taking him there.

I hope you liked my top 5 off leash parks and it's put you in the mood to get out exploring with your four legged companion. These are just a few of the parks in Sydney and there are many more you can enjoy. I've included a link here that will give you a list of more parks you can try too.

Happy exploring...