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After shooting in and around Sydney, I have curated a list of my top rated, best of the best, location recommendations for your session.

These locations have been selected as they guarantee lots of variety, great lighting and a pretty backdrop for your photos - not to mention a fun experience for you and your dogs!

From rolling green parks, to sand filled beaches, to a fast paced city setting - there’s something for every dog here…

(Note: regardless of training level, all urban/city sessions will be photographed with your dog on-lead. If you aren’t confident with your dog’s recall, they can also be photographed on-lead at parks, beaches etc. The lead will then be removed digitally in post processing afterward so that it doesn’t impact your session and your dog’s safety remains the top priority!)

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Centennial Parklands, Randwick

***Photographers Choice***

Nestled in the heart of Sydney, this large park features generous expanses of rolling green lawns, beautiful shaded trees, ornamental touches and pops of colour.

With parkland that stretches across 2 square kilometres and plenty of large lakes - this is truly a beautiful location that creates a stunning backdrop to your photos.

With both on and off lead sections to the park - this is the perfect spot for both portraits and action images.

And with the abundance of space, this location can cater to both shy & confident dogs.


Tambourine Bay Park, Riverview

***Photographers Choice***

A beautiful park, snuggly situated between two stunning bush reserves.

With pockets of green, gorgeous natural rock formations, a small beach and water views - this location offers variety in your final gallery.

This location caters to all dogs types and is perfect for both the exuberant and shy dog.


Hyde Park, Sydney CBD

Featuring ornamental fountains, green lawns & a stunningly tree arched walkway this city centre park is perfect for classic cityscapes and a true Sydney feel to your photos.

This park can be quite busy so it’s not recommended for dogs easily distracted or nervous.

*Please note: Sessions here are on lead only & will take place only on weekends in the early mornings to reduce distractions.


Mystery Locations

Not for the faint of heart - these mystery locations are spots all around Sydney that I haven’t shot at yet but that I have scouted and think would make a gorgeous spot for photos.

These locations run the gamut around the entire Greater Sydney area. From the Northern Suburbs to the South & the Eastern Suburbs to out West to the Blue Mountains.

Each date will be a different location and you won’t know where you’ll be going until after you have booked.

I’ll be in touch with each of you after you register to let you know where your session will be.

If you’re game for an adventure & don’t mind a drive > choose this location when booking.