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Does your cat sit perfectly still for minutes on end and then suddenly flash past you, chasing something only they can see?

Watch the video below to go behind the scenes and see the photos from a past client's cat photography experience.

Here you'll meet Wickham, the gorgeous grey tabby and his mum, Erin.



They've been known to tackle toys and bring them to justice with their feet of fury. They love to pounce on any movement from string toys to laser beams. And boxes... well... as the saying goes - 'if I fits, I sits' - need I say more?

My cat sessions are designed around your cat, their personality and their comfort levels. 


 Close up professional photo of a friendly, outgoing Ginger cat



Is your cat happy walking up to anyone to demand pats? Do they let you and any visitors know that it's their job to simply keep them happy with pats and playtime?

Great! Since your cat knows he's king of the castle, we'll follow his lead and start capturing him in all his glory.

Whether that's playing with toys, loving up on his humans or simply lording over his domain. We'll go at his pace and capture it all.

 Shy fluffy cat enjoys having her photo taken by Sydney based professional cat photographer, Pawtastic Photography



Is your cat more likely to hide under the couch when they hear a loud noise? Or skitter away when they encounter a new person?

That's fine. We'll start the session slowly with toys, to entice them into playing and to give your cat a chance to get to know me, before bringing out the camera.

I'll work with your cat, at their pace, to get the photos you want.





You can use the contact form or email me at and ask me any questions you have.

The best way to find out whether I'm the photographer for you, answer any pre-booking questions you have and get to know each other a little is to chat first. That can either be via email or a phone call (whichever you prefer).

Once you're ready to book, I'll email you a link to your Booking Proposal. This is a convenient online form that contains the session agreement and invoice so you're able to book, pay and choose your session date all online - from the comfort of your lounge chair.



Cat sessions take place in your home and if they are outside cats as well, then your backyard as well. The session runs for 1-2 hours at your cats pace. We'll start out slowly with me getting to know your cat and letting them get warmed up to me and my camera.

And then we'll let the session unfold. They'll be a mixture of posed portraits, candid moments and action shots. You don't need to worry about anything, I'll direct you if I need something specific otherwise it's about having fun playing with your cat!



I'm usually eager to see those beautiful paw pads and scrumptious faces again so I'll go through your images and pick the best of the best (cause no one needs to view those butt shots or blinking faces cats sometimes share with us), and have them ready for you to view in a beautiful online gallery within 2 weeks.

You can then pick your favourites for purchase - See below for more details on pricing.





Your session is $200 for 1-2 hours with up to 4 subjects* (that includes both humans and pets), which is due at the time of booking to secure your spot.

*Additional subjects $25 each


There are three (3) Digital Packages from which to choose from. However, there's no need to make a decision upfront. You can choose which package you would like to purchase once you've seen your photos in your online gallery.

All Digital Package orders can be done online with credit card or bank transfer.

You can also save up to 30% off your package (depending on the package you choose) if your purchase in the first 48 hours of your gallery going live.

To see the full pricing including the Digital Packages click the button below.


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