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When I meet new people and I introduce myself as a pet photographer, I'm often met with a variety of reactions. One of which is a questioning look. A quizzical tilting of the head and a raised eyebrow as they try to think of a way to politely ask the next question they want answered, which is: what's a pet photographer?

So I've decided to address this one straight up and let you all know what a pet photographer is, and how we help you.

What is a professional pet photographer | Sydney Pet Photographer


Pet Photographers focus on your pets

This means that we aren't family photographers that will take a group photo with your pet included as well. Our focus is first and foremost - your pet. The sessions are designed around your pets - what they like, where they like to go and what you like to do with them. I customise each session so that your pet is comfortable at all times and shows them doing what they love best. I do it this way so that you get a true representation of your pet and your life together.

Pets aren't an afterthought for pet photographers. They are the reason, the purpose for the session and my goal is to capture everything you love about your pet for you.


Pet Photographers are dedicated to documenting your life together

The main goal of our session together is to fully capture the relationship that you share with your pet. I want to document your life together and provide you with images that truly embody your pet's personality. I want you to be able to see in every image, exactly what it is that you love about your pet.

This is why I have such an extensive questionnaire as it allows me to tailor each session to you and your pets individual needs. That way I can customise the session specifically for you and your relationship to make sure that I get images that tell the story of your life together.

Whether that’s tossing a stick in a park, unexpected snuggles, or boundless energy as you play catch - it's your pet and your relationship that I want to document for you.


Pet Photographers capture the finite time you have together

As sad as it is to think about, your pet's life is short. Too short. There will never be enough time with them but as pet owners we acknowledge that we will at some point lose our babies. But we know that our lives will be less joyful and a little bit darker without our pets. So we balance out the knowledge of upcoming pain with enjoying every moment together that we have now.

Pet photographers know that time is short with our precious fur babies and it's one of the reasons I do what I do. I know that time is short, that it will go by quicker than you can imagine and at some point all you will have left is memories.

That’s why I do what I do. I don't want you to JUST have memories. No matter how great the memories are, there's something special about having great photographs of your pet to look back on too. You no longer only have to rely on misty memories of the times you had together but you now have beautiful images to get you through those tough times.

Images that capture your pet’s personality. Images that make you smile. Images that will last. You don’t have to rely on just your memory anymore but you can experience your pet's love forever through their pet artwork and prints.


Pet Photographers capture your pet's personality, not just a portrait

I've owned many different pets throughout my life and I can tell you that each one of them had a different personality. There were no two the same. Each pet was unique.

I had a completely person orientated Corgi mix who would scooch under any foot she could to get a rub. I had a beautiful big boned German Shepherd who was the most patient and gentle dog when I was a kid - who didn't mind me crawling all over him when I was little.

I also had my heart dog - Shadow who I lost in 2011. I got him when I was in high school. He was the first dog that was mine and not considered a family dog. He was who I told my secrets to, he accepted me as is and made my life brighter. 

I'll always remember the way he'd advert his gaze when we said something he didn't want to hear. It was if he thought that if he couldn't see us that we would think he couldn't hear us. I remember he loved to play frisbee and would demand a game by picking up his frisbee and tossing it down at my feet. Repeatedly. Until I gave in and tossed it. I remember the way he would lean up against me and how he would rest his head over my knee when I sat down.

It's all these moments that make up a life with our pets and that's what I aim to capture for you in your images. That look in their eye where you know what they're thinking, The joyful bounce in their step as they bring the ball back to you. The complete trust they have in you keeping them upright, as they lean against you with their full weight.

It will never be 'just' a portrait. It's a representation of your heart and soul and the imprint they have on it.

And it’s never ‘just’ a pet, it's about truly capturing your pet's personality for you.

Pets are important. Pets make our lives better, fuller, richer for having known them and experienced the joy and love they bring. And it's my job to document those moments. 

These are your memories, this is what a pet photographer is and this is what I do for you.

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