Mandy & Bella | Day 5 of the 29 Dog Days of Summer

Welcome Mandy & Bella 

Bella is a 5 year old Labrador X Kelpie.

Use five words that best describe Bella:
Loyal, Sweet, Loving, Foodie and Shiny.

What does Summer means to you both?
Bella's Labrador blood means that she LOVES the water! Summer means seeking out good dog-friendly beaches where she can roam free chasing seagulls and splashing in the waves. Bella at the beach is the epitome of joy. She doesn't like it when I swim though - she gets worried and tries to "rescue" me (which involves clawing at me in a panic!) or round me up back into shore. I have to stick to the shallows where we can swim together. She also loves to take a dip in one of the lakes at Sydney Park but has to stay on the leash so that she doesn't chase ducks!

What are your favourite things to do with together?
My favourite things to do with Bella are walks on the beach or cuddles in bed. I love waking up to a Bella cuddle.

How would you describe your relationship with your dog?
Bella was a rescue dog - she had a rough start to life as a young mum who was mistreated and then abandoned. At the shelter she chose me - after taking her for a walk she refused to go back in her cage, so I took her home. Since then we have been pretty much inseparable - she is the most loyal, sweet soul, and has me wrapped around her little paw. She makes my heart expand.

What do you most love about Bella?
I love the way she nuzzles in for cuddles, and how she gives little kisses. She is the sweetest thing.

Thank you for being part of the 29 Dog Days of Summer Mandy & Bella. I loved getting to know you both and watching Bella's focus when she was on 'the hunt'.