Kaisa and Blossom | Day 25 of the 29 Dog Days of Summer

Welcome Kaisa & Blossom 

Blossom is a 2 year old Maltese X Chihuahua

Little white dog standing on wall in Sydney Park | Sydney Pet Photography

Use five words that best describe Blossom
Happy, bouncy, full of energy, puppy, playful

What does Summer means to you both?
Summer time means slower walks in the park, a bit of fetch but not too much as it gets too hot. Blossom also likes to spend time in the backyard with her friends Archie (cat belonging to our neighbour) and Rufus (dog belonging to our neighbour) when it is too hot to go and run in the park. Summer also means taking Blossom to the beach for a swim.

What are your favourite things to do with together?
Taking her to the beach - she gets so excited when she gets it the sand. I love watching her play

Little white dog standing on leaves in a park for pet portraits | Sydney Pet Photography

How would you describe your relationship with your dog?
Blossom is an important part of the family. I love her to bits and wouldn't know what to do without her.

What do you most love about Blossom?
She's such a happy little dog. She still looks and acts like a puppy so being around her instantly cheers you up.

Woman sitting with her little dog for a pet portrait in the park | Sydney Pet Photography

Thank you for being part of the 29 Dog Days of Summer Kaisa & Blossom. It was great getting to know you both and seeing Blossom's antics. I can see how she would wrap you around her tiny paw :)