Emily & Chance | Day 1 of the 29 Dog Days of Summer

Welcome Emily & Chance 

Chance is a 7 year old Kelpie.

Use five words that best describe Chance
Playful, beautiful, attention seeker, loyal and caring.

What does Summer means to you both?
Going to the river and blowing bubbles in the water with her snout.

What are your favourite things to do with together?
We play fetch, but only with a particular brand of ball in the yellow. we ignore all other balls ( lol) snuggling on the couch and playing with doggy brain teasers.

How would you describe your relationship with your dog?
Very attached. We both can't stand being away from each other. I worked overseas and had the opportunity to work in amazing locations, but couldn't stand the idea of not seeing my girls, so I quit after a 6 month contract. When I got home from the airport she saw me, screamed loudly and bowled me over. It doesn't matter how long we were apart she never waivers from me (or me her).

What do you most love about Chance?
Her amazing ability to tell if your hurt or need care, she will guard injured people and stay by you if she thinks something's wrong. Also her excellent army crawl if she does something wrong and gets caught!!

Thank you for being part of the 29 Dog days of Summer Emily & Chance. It was truly a pleasure getting to know you both and I loved watching the close relationship between you and Chance.