Alison & Rofi | Day 14 of the 29 Dog Days of Summer

Welcome Alison & Rofi 

Rofi is a 5 and a half year old Bichon Frisce.

Use five words that best describe Rofi
Funny, Excited, Crazy, Loving and Stubborn

What does Summer means to you both?
Beach, bike rides, road trips

What are your favourite things to do with together?
Anything!! Whenever he is by my side which is most of the time

How would you describe your relationship with your dog?
Almost unhealthy in terms of attachment:p
I have his paw tattooed on my foot...need I say more?

What do you most love about Rofi?
Everything. He keeps me grounded. He loves unconditionally. He is my best friend.

Thank you for being part of the 29 Dog Days of Summer Alison & Rofi. I had an absolute ball getting to know you both and I can see why Rofi is so special to you :)