I would love some photos but there's no way my dog will sit still long enough for a photo...

This is something that most of my client's are worried about. It's perfectly normal, I promise you. But I’m here to tell you right now, that some of the best photos I’ve taken for clients are when your pet is truly being themselves.

If that means they are bouncy and energetic then bouncy and energetic is what I’ll work with.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing the antics of an animal and capturing it for you.

After you book, I also have some tips and tricks that will help manage your dog's energy levels during a session, so you have nothing to fear.

Do you only photograph dogs?

Absolutely NOT! While dogs are the main pet that people want photographed I also photograph other animals as well.

I have experience handling a wide array of other animals including (but not limited to) cats, birds, rabbits, horses and chickens so if you have another request please feel free to contact me and I can go over everything in detail with you.

I have to keep the lead on my dog but I don't want to see it in the photos. Is that possible?

Don’t fear. It's safety first at Pawtastic Photography so for the majority of a shoot the dog will remain on a lead.

Generally it only comes off if it’s safe for the animal and the owner is okay with it. The majority of images with leads in them will be removed in post production when I edit the photos, unless the removal will throw off the aesthetic of the portrait, so you won’t see the lead in the finished photographs.

You can definitely be in the photos too, if you like. I'm more than happy to have you jump in for some of the images.

Personally, I love it when the parents want to be in the photos as you can really see the bond and love you share with your furry family member but it's completely up to YOU.

Do you only photograph pets or can people be in the photos too?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in and would normally wear. Shirts, jeans and flowy dresses that don't cling are recommended as you will be moving around quite a bit as well as playing with your dog so anything that allows you to move more freely is great. 

After you book I also provide you with a 'What to Wear' guide that can help you decide what will be best to wear for your session.

The only suggestion I would strongly suggest not to wear clothing with logos, images or strong prints because these types of clothes have the ability to date a photograph prematurely. The best idea is to keep it simple.

What should I wear?

If your pet has a favourite toy or item that they love to play with you can bring that along.

Also if your pet has a special diet and can only eat certain treats please feel free to bring some of those along too.

Otherwise you only need to bring yourself and your pet. I provide the rest.


Do I need to bring anything?

No. I am a natural light, on location, photographer so I don’t shoot studio work.


Do you have a studio as well?

Because I want to provide you and your pet with the best possible experience if it is bad weather there is a high probability that we will need to reschedule the shoot for another time.

I would not want to proceed with a shoot only to have you disappointed with the outcome. Better to reschedule to a time when the weather is better and you can enjoy the experience.

What happens if it's bad weather on the day of the session?