Moxie here. I'm the chief keyboard stepper and sunlight seeker here at Pawtastic Photography. Sam's purring, sometimes pushy, office assistant. Sam wanted me to get this email out to you right away as she's currently preparing my meal - she didn't actually say that, about the food, but what else could it be? She knows I love a tasty treat, especially if it's tuna.

But enough about me, you want to know more about Sam's pet photography services! Luckily for you, you caught me in between snoozing periods.

View the behind the scenes guide with more detail about a Pawtastic Photography experience here >> Pawtrait Guide

If you're interested in scheduling a pet photography session, the next step is to get you on the calendar. At the end of the Pawtrait Guide you'll see a booking section - simply follow the steps to book your session.

Got more questions? Simply hit reply to this email and ask. Sam will be happy to help :)

Purrs and Scritches,


Chief Keyboard Stepper


Pssst.... I've snuck away from Sam's lap (aka my heater) to send you this sneaky little email.

You may know that cats can be quite curious about eeevvverything... and I'm here to tell you its true! If you open a cupboard I haven't seen, place a box on the floor, try to close a door on me - I can guarantee you that I want to see in it, through it, sit on it... you get my drift.

So I get it. You're on the hunt for a pet photographer and you want to see behind the curtain, in the box, what's behind the door (so to speak).

So I'm going to hook you up. Want to see behind the scenes and look through a past clients full gallery of images? Click this link and you can see some.

I'm giving you direct access to take a peek. You know you wanna...

Ok, that's it from me - I'm off to beg for some tuna (she always falls for the 'sad eyes' face, hehehe). Oh and if you want to ask her anything just hit reply to this email, she's always happy to help.

Purrs and scritches


Chief Keyboard Stepper


So Moxie let the secret out of the bag that she showed you some of my past client's galleries. She's not so great on the subterfuge and totally left the computer on after sending.

So if you've taken a look through those you may be a little concerned because you don't see any dogs wearing a lead. And while you love {INSERT PET NAME] you know they might not be the best off lead.

And that's completely ok - I promise you. In fact, most of my furry clients are on lead for their entire session.I just remove the lead later in post production. Don't believe me?

Take a look at my before and after gallery here.

You'll see that it's safety first here at Pawtastic Photography and your dog doesn't need to be the type of dog that can balance a ball on their nose, while walking backward and weaving in and out of poles.

Ok, that might have been an exageration but you get my drift :)

Hope this puts your mind at ease and don't forget, if you want to ask me anything you can just reply to this email.