Often times the most confusing part for my clients is picking the right session type. They've already decided that they want to invest in beautiful, commemorative images of their pet but now they need to decide what session type will get them the results they want.

That's why I've decided to compile this post that breaks down, in detail, what each session I offer entails.  That way you know what you can expect and which one would suit what you ultimately want to get out of your session.

 Choosing the right pet photography session type can often be confusing. In this post I've broken down what each pet photography session type entails and what you can expect to get from each one | Sydney Pet Photographer, Pawtastic Photography.

Classic Session

The Classic Session includes:

- Up to 2 hours

- Your choice of up to two locations (within 15 mins of each other)

- Up to 4 subjects (one must be a pet)

- The option of a morning or afternoon session

- Weekend session dates

The classic session is the most popular choice with my clients for a variety of reasons.


1. Allows Your Pet To Get Used To Me

With the amount of time in this session it gives me an opportunity to bond with your pet and let them get to know me. Now you may wonder why this is important in regards to taking photographs and I'll tell you... By having the opportunity to get to know your pet and establish a level of trust, this will ultimately pay off for you, the client.

When your pet is comfortable with me, the session runs alot smoother. Getting your dog to participate in photos becomes much easier and the resulting photographs are much more natural. As such, the images you see in your reveal are then more indicative of your pet's true personality. You will see your pet as they naturally are, everyday. Their goofy grins and loving kisses, their joy in chasing a ball and playing hide and seek with you. Their personality will shine through your images.

When given the time to establish that relationship up front it's ultimately you who gets what they want... gorgeous images of your pet, exactly as you see them, in all their loveable glory.


2. Your Pet Doesn't Become Bored

With a session length of up to 2 hours many clients often fear that their pets may become bored, distracted and unwilling to listen to commands anymore. Which is why they are often relieved to hear that this time is broken up. That their dog is not expected to perform for the entire duration of the session.

I don't know about you, but if I had to smile for a camera non stop for two hours, I might go a little nuts. And pets are no different. These two hours are broken up so that your pet doesn't become bored or uncooperative. There will be segments where you pets will pose for portrait shots and times where there will be more candid, playful shots.

Your pet's comfort level and happiness is my top priority during a session. I would never want to do anything that would make them uncomfortable or tense. Which is why I take my cues from them during their session. As long as they are comfortable and relaxed we continue doing what we are doing. If they become too distracted, uncomfortable or bored, I break up the session with play breaks and zoomies.

By having the time to incorporate these breaks into the session, I'm able to keep your pet from becoming bored while providing you with more variety in your finished images. This means that there will be a greater mixture of final images for you to choose from. 

You'll also be able to create a full story that tells the complete relationship you have with your pet, whether you want that story told in an album, canvas wall grouping or digital images. The choice, and variety, is yours.


3. Variety In Your Final Images

I spoke about this briefly in the previous point but I'll cover it more fully here. The Classic session allows for a more dedicated time frame to photograph your pet as opposed to the Petite session. As such, you will be able to enjoy much more variety in your final images than you would a shorter session, simply due to the extra time allowed.

With a Classic Session you can expect posed portraits of your pets by themselves, with each other (if their is more than one) and with you. You can also expect to see more candid, natural images of them playing, running and snuggling with you.

Also because of that fact you can have two separate locations you can have a more diverse look to your final images as well. You can start in your home with snuggling photos of the two of you, your pet playing with their favourite toys or sitting on their much loved bed (aka your bed). You can then move to the beach, or the park or a cafe that you both go to regularly. And enjoy zoomies on the beach and playing ball into the surf. The choice is up to you.


4. More Product Choices Available To You

With the final number of finished images in the Classic session being much larger than the Petite Session, your options for how you wish to display them increase. Some products, like an album, are not suited for the Petite Session (due to the smaller amount of final images available they wouldn't fill an entire album).

In the case of the Classic Session, this wouldn't be an issue for you, because the longer session time allows for more photos. 

With a Classic session you could not only choose an album but you could also display a grouping of canvases that tell the story of your pet, collect a variety of images within a memento box that you can choose which image to display as a time or simply purchase the full digital images.

The choice is up to you.


Petite Session

The Petite Session includes:

- 30 minute session

- Set location

- 1 pet + their person

- Tuesday-Friday sessions only


1. Only Suitable For Confident/Playful Pets

This session type is perfect for people with happy, confident pets. These are the pets that aren't afraid of anything, will happily go up to strangers for pats (because that's what they were designed for obvs) and have no problem with new people or situations.

Due to the shorter nature of the session, there is not a lot of time to establish a relationship or build trust which is why this session type is best suited to the more outgoing pet. Shy pets would have a much harder time with this session type as not only would a new person be around and in possibly be in their space but they also have a big scary eye (camera lens) near them a lot.


2. Posed Portraits Only

This session type allows for mostly posed portraits of your pet. As the session is shorter, there isn't as much time to include the variety in your images that a Classic Session can cater to. I pick locations for the Petite session with multiple areas where we can quickly move from one location to the next within the area so that you can have some variety in your background choices but the images themselves are more posed than candid.

This session however, isn't suitable if you are looking for more natural images of you and your best friend, action images or different locations. The Classic Session would suit this need better.


3. Limited Variety in Finished Products

The Petite Session is great for someone who is looking for a single piece of wall art to decorate a specific area in their home. Perhaps above their dining room table or in the hallway so you see it as you leave and as you arrive home each day.

It's also perfect for someone who is happier with a smaller amount of images to choose from. The smaller Portrait Box that holds 10 images or one of the smaller digital collections would suit this session perfectly.


4. Not Suitable For Cats

The Petite Session is not suited for cats. Let's face it, cats often take a little bit longer to warm up to someone (not always but most often). As such, this session with it's limited timeframe is a bit too quick to fully capture a cat's personality and playfulness.

Also, as 99% of the time, a cat session will take place in the owner's home or yard and as the Petite session has pre-set locations that makes this not an option for a cat session.

The Classic Session would be much better suited for your cats. It allows them the time to warm up to me and my camera, allows them to be photographed in their home where they are most comfortable and gives you the greatest chance of successful cat portraits.

Those are the main session types I offer. As you can see, there is a session type that would suit most pet's personalities, as well as what you want to do with the final images. 

As to choosing which type is right for you - it's really about what you want to do with your images after the session and the types of images you want to see hanging on your walls.

If you have any questions please get in touch. Or if you are ready to book your session, you can contact me here.