Since this is probably the first time that you've had professional pet photography done with your dog or cat, it's ok to not know how everything works.

In fact, it's completely normal.

You could be thinking to yourself ‘what happens after the photos are taken’?

‘How do I see the photos when they're ready’? ‘When will they be ready’?

‘What happens next’?

Well… a lot of things happen after your session is held and before your Ordering Appointment takes place. 

Let me take you through the journey your photos take after your pet photography session.

 Have you ever wondered what exactly happens after your pet photography session? What has to happen to the images? And how does the Ordering Appointment work? Today I'm walking you through my process after a pet photography session and showing you how my Ordering Appointments work.


Step One


As you will have seen during your pet photography session, we took multiple photos within the same area, as well as moved to different spots within the same park or beach location.

This is done to give you variety in your images, as well as variety in your final gallery. Plus it gives your dog an opportunity to explore and sniff new areas while we are shooting so that having photos taken doesn't feel like 'work' to your dog.

Even though many images are taken, they will be culled after your session. This is to weed out the undesirable images, the ones where they aren't looking at the camera, are blinking, have moved their head etc.
And gives you the chance to see only the best images rather than be presented with so many that it’s overwhelming trying to sort through all of them.

Depending on your session type, you will be presented with a final gallery of images from which to choose your prints and products from.

Classic Session: between 30-50 images

Digital Session:   between 20-30 images

Petite Session:    between 15-20 images


Step Two


After condensing your gallery to the best images, they will be professionally edited. This includes the basic edits such as exposure, colour correction etc.

I’ll also remove the lead from a few images so you can see how it looks. 

After your Ordering Appointment, I’ll remove the lead from your purchased images, plus do the final clean up edits (clean away eye boogers and saliva etc) to make the files ready for printing. 

If I’m not able to remove the lead from a particular photo, I’ll let you know at the Ordering Appointment. This is often the case sometimes when you are walking with your dog or holding the lead in a way that makes removing it look silly to the overall photo.


Step Three

Ordering Appointment:

Your Ordering Appointment is scheduled for two weeks after your session. Here you can view your images for the first time, pick your favourites and I'll help you put together your order for wall art, albums and/or digital images to showcase your new portraits in your home.

The Ordering Appointment begins with a slideshow of all your images. You'll be able to see all of your photos at once. 

I encourage you to watch the slideshow all the way through without trying to think of which images you want to order. We'll go through that later. The slideshow is merely a way for you to see and experience them all together

Next I'll show you some of the products, I offer. You'll be able to see and touch them, as well as ask questions. We'll discuss your needs and what you like as well as your plans for your finished products. For example, would you prefer an album to see multiple images or perhaps a large canvas would suit your needs better, to display over your dining room table.

Everything is customisable for your needs.

Once I have a basic understanding of your needs we'll then go into choosing your favourite images.

We start off with your gut reaction first and go through each image quickly, sorting them into ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ piles. You can go back into each pile later but this helps to narrow down your choices from the outset so that you can choose the images that speak to you the most.

Once you're narrowed down your choices we can then select what you want for each product. 

For example if you want to order a large canvas + a digital collection, I'll usually direct you to choose your favourite as your canvas first and then move into what you want to keep for your digital collection.

If however, you want to order an album, we'll go through your ‘yes’ pile and make sure you have enough images for an album. If you do, then we'll sort out which you want to use as your cover image etc and move on from there.

So you can see, a lot depends on the specifics on what you want to order.

If you aren't sure, being able to see and touch the products can help. Plus that's what I'm there for. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me.

After you have placed your order and paid (payment plans are available), that's it for the Ordering Appointment.


Step Four

The Final Edit:

But... not for your images. Now they go through the rest of the editing process where I clean up any eye boogers and remove leads for your purchased images and get them ready for print.

Once the final edits are done (up to 1 week after order placed), then I place your orders at my professional labs and wait for delivery.

Step Five


Depending on what you ordered, the processing time can be different.

Larger artwork, albums and memento boxes can take between four to six weeks.

Digital Images usually take two to three weeks.

Once your images are delivered to me, I do a quality inspection on each piece. Once they pass inspection, I get in touch with you to arrange a suitable delivery time and deliver the items to you, either in person or posted to you.

So… that's the inside scope on my Ordering Appointment process. 

Hopefully that helps anyone who hasn't gone through this process before with me to see what they can expect.

If you have any questions please reach out to me. You can contact me here.

And if any of you are interested in seeing my full price list, you can sign up below for access.