Getting What You Want: How To Display Your Images


Finding a photographer may be your only thought at this point, and it's a good one. You want to find a photographer who's style you like, who's photographs make you wish you were in them and whose personality meshes with yours. These are all things that will truly make your session together sing.

But what people often don't consider and what is truly just as important as finding the right photographer, is figuring out what you want to do with the images once you have them. It's all well and good to know that you want to have professional photo's taken but if you stop for a moment and ask yourself why, you’re going to end up with better pictures because of it.

Now that seems like a very broad statement and you're probably thinking to yourself "what difference does it make, I'll just get the usb of images and do it myself when I have the time".

And I'm hear to tell you - there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. You'll find that you'll have some great images that you'll definitely want printed.

But... what if I told you that you could be happier? What if I told you that by thinking ahead about where you want these images to end up, you could end up with something better, something that you didn't even realise was perfect until you saw it?

Would it blow your mind? Or would you just think that I was full of it? :) 

Well, if you stick with me for a couple minutes, I'll walk you through it and maybe just change your mind.

Getting What You Want: How To Display Your Images | Sydney Pet Photographer

When you take a moment to ask yourself what makes these images important? What do I want to do with them? How are they going to make me happy? 

You are deciding what's important to you and when the photographer knows what's important to you, we are more likely to get it for you because we go into the session with a more detailed plan and a goal in mind.

Let's break it down further. You tell your photographer that you want some photos of your dog in a park and playing with his ball. Great. I can capture that for you no problem and you'll be pleased with the results. 

But... imagine you tell your photographer that you want an album with all the images as well. Something that you could look back on whenever you like and remember your day together.

With those goals in mind, the photographer i.e. me in this scenario, can now shoot the session with an end goal in mind. With an album as the end result for you, I now know that I have to have a great image for the cover with your dog composed on the right hand side of the photo. I also know that you'll probably want a couple of full page spreads so to make sure that some of the photo's aren't composed with the dog centred otherwise you'll get the crease down his face. And I also know that instead of just a series of pictures you'll want the story of the day. From walking to the park together, to capturing some playtime and laughter together before throwing the ball and getting those great action shots, with ears flapping and goofy grins, to some photo's with just the two of you hanging out, side by side and relaxing. You'll probably also want some detail shots: their collars, the little pads on their feet, their paw in yours.

These are the little details that help tell the story in an album and help you get what you really want. 

Which is something that makes you smile every time you see it and brings you joy whenever you open it. Something that captures all of the beautiful, goofy and unique details that just make you love your pet that little bit harder.

By knowing ahead of time what you want to do with your images I’m better able to plan and realise your vision because I know what you want.

Or in another scenario, you could decide that you want some large canvases to hang on your bedroom wall and a collection over your lounge as well. And that you definitely want a photo of the two of you together. 

Now, knowing that you want wall art instead of an album, I would shoot the session differently. You still need them to tell a story but you're also looking for those 5 or so images that pop. Those 'hero' pieces that will really stand out and make you smile. The one's where you can't help but see your pet exactly as they really are but will still work together as a collection on your wall.

You see how just knowing what you want to do with your photo's can help a photographer plan so that you get everything that you want?

Now, don't worry if you aren't sure yet what you want when you book your session that's not a problem either, you can just tell your photographer that and we’ll plan accordingly. 

For a lot of my clients it’s much easier to decide what they want to do with their images once they physically see them. It’s so much easier to visualise the end result when you have the images to go off of. This is why some photographers (hint:me) offer a design consultation along with your ordering session so I can help you figure out exactly what's going to make you happy and how you want to display your art.

But if you do know or even have a little bit of an idea then let your photographer know, it'll make the process that much better for you :)


I hope this helps anyone out there who is thinking of getting professional photos done. This info doesn't just apply to pet photographers so make sure you tell your newborn, family, wedding photographer too :)

If you're ready to book your session with me now you can do that here.