When choosing art for your home it's important to consider several factors before you choose what images you want to display.

Three of the main factors are: your space, your decor style and what images you love.

 How to choose your artwork from your professional pet photography session with Sydney based photographer, Pawtastic Photography.

Your Space:

Before you purchase any wall art it's a good idea to know where you would like to hang it.

Do you have a space above your lounge you would like to fill?

Or perhaps, the entry foyer as you walk in the door after work could use something to brighten up the space?

I encourage you to take a walk through your home and look at the varying wall spaces you have for possible areas for your artwork to hang.

By knowing some of the spaces where you would like to hang your art, this will help your photographer to design art that will suit those particular spaces.

Alternatively, if you aren't sure where you would like to hang something, that's ok too.

That's where the Ordering and Design Appointment after you session comes in handy.

If we have the appointment in your home, it gives me a chance to see the space and guide you with possible areas where you could display your images.

Sometimes, I find the hardest part for my clients is usually trying to visualise the space, with their art in it.

As such, at the Ordering & Design appointment I'm able to offer a service where I can actually show you what your walls in your home will look like with the items you've chosen.

I can take a photo of the wall you are thinking about and then input your images into the picture so that you can see what various sizes and designs of your wall art will look like in real time.

You can size different wall art  up or down, reconfigure examples into different arrangements and see the exact images you want on the wall... all during the appointment.

Being able to visually see the space and design of your images beforehand is such a help and my clients often find this step to be invaluable in helping them to make their decisions.

Your Style:

Your individual style in your home is also a contributing factor when selecting your wall art.

The colours of your walls, furniture and decorative items give an overall vibe to a person’s home.

Combined with your general aesthetic, your style goes a long way in determining the material for your artwork.

Do you want something more traditional? Do you already have a gallery wall full of framed artwork? If you do, then choosing framed prints would suit your home and style the best. Something that works with your existing displays and compliments them.

Perhaps you prefer something without a frame but still works within a modern home. Canvas wall art would be the perfect choice. It's a subtle but familiar way to display gorgeous images and suits most homes.

Or maybe, you would prefer your artwork to be delivered with a high end, contemporary edge. You want your artwork to make a bold statement and really pop off the walls of your home. 

If that's the case then I would suggest either or metal or acrylic artwork. These are statement pieces and really stand out in someone's home.

What you choose to order really does depend on your style and your home's style so make sure you consider the overall style of what you wish to display.

Your Images:

The last piece of the puzzle is the actual images you choose to display on your wall.

These should be your favourites. The images that, as you watched your slideshow, immediately grabbed your attention.

They're the ones that as you were shown your images, they made you exclaim - Yes! That's exactly what Dante does. You've captured him perfectly.

Those are the images that you should display on your walls.

They should be the photos that speak to you the most and truly capture your pet's personality.

Those are the images that you will love coming home to everyday and will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.

Because that's what art does...

It creates a connection to a moment, so that you can hold on to the feelings you had at that time, forever.

These are the top three elements to consider when ordering your artwork.

And these are what we discuss in your Ordering Appointment after you have your pet photography session.

If you'd like to find out more about how my sessions work and my pricing, just pop your email address in below and you'll immediately be sent the information.