Ryan Gosling is gazing soulfully into my eyes. His eyes dip briefly down to my lips before catching my gaze again.
This is it! I know it! He's going to kiss me!! 

Slowly his head lowers, inch by inch, toward my waiting lips. I close my eyes and tilt my head up...




What? Did he just smash me in the face with his nose? 

Disoriented I bring my hand up and open my eyes... staring back at me is my cat Moxie, not Ryan Gosling, unfortunately! She brings her paw up again and taps me on the nose.

It's an insistent "let me in" type of tap. Still groggy from my dream and I gotta admit, a little peeved about where she interrupted me, I lift the quilt up so she can slide her furry little body under the covers with me.


2AM! It's 2am and she's waking me now so she can crawl under the covers. Unbelievable!


Now I have to try to get back to sleep...
though the purring is nice... relaxing really... well since she's there I may as well pat her too...

Tell me I'm not the only one with a story like this?
Surely, there are others just like me who's pet's have them completely wrapped around their paw?


Maybe your story doesn't involve Ryan Gosling (though that's a shame) but I bet you have a story like this too. In fact, I know you do!  

I know that there is something your little furball does that makes you love them just a little harder. Whether it’s a tilt of their head, the way they go nuts for a ball or when they give you “the look”. It’s that little quirky thing they do that is special and for you.


It's these stories that make up our lives and it's exactly why I'm a pet photographer. 


Hi There!

My name is Sam and I'm the person behind the camera at Pawtastic Photography or if you book a session you can refer to me as the 'lady with the treats', or maybe that will just be your pets :)

I believe that every owner's relationship with their furry family member is special. And that every pet has a story to tell. Whether it's their love of a ball, the way they love to feel the wind rushing past their head while driving in the car or their love for their humans.

Each are unique and all manage to wiggle their way into our hearts with their wagging tails and purring ways.

I travel to the homes of people in Sydney, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains to take natural, candid photos of your furry family in all their goofy, slobbery, happy ways.