Welcome to the Pawtastic Family!

I’m so honoured you’ve chosen Pawtastic Photography for capturing natural, fun images of your adventurous pet!

This guide is here to help you prepare for your one of a kind pet portrait experience.

It will walk you through what you can expect now that you’ve booked your session with me. From what happens before your session, during the shoot and after. It answers all of the common questions that you have.





Questionnaire: You'll be asked to complete a questionnaire (if you haven't completed it already). This questionnaire covers information such as your pets likes/dislikes, personality, allergies, your relationship with them and what you like to do together etc.

You can fill in as much or as little as you like (required fields are asterisked). Just remember that the more you can tell me about your pet, the more custom I can make the experience.

Location: I'll take a look through your questionnaire and we'll lock in your session location (if we haven't already discussed it).

Helpful Tips: After you've completed your questionnaire you'll periodically be sent a few emails before your session. These emails will cover things like - what to wear, how to prepare your dog for their session, what happens if there's bad weather on the day of your session and where to actually meet on the day. So make sure you keep an eye out for those.

Client Portal: I'll be sending you a lot of prep information and guides before your session and the Client Portal is a way to access all of that information in one place so that you don't have to go trawling through your emails to locate everything.

You can log into the portal and see everything in one place: contracts, invoices, questionnaires, guides, emails etc. You'll be sent a link to the portal an email, along with your login and password. Otherwise you can login via my website: Pawtastic Photography (you can find the link to the Portal in the footer of the website).



We Start With Introductions for both the people and pets. Once we meet up, I'll take your pets lead on introductions. If they are shy and reserved, I'll take it slowly until they've warmed up to me. If they're bouncy, energetic and friends with everyone, then introductions will go much faster.

Once they've warmed up to me and the camera, we begin to shoot!

Our session will be casual and relaxed - definitely not rushed. You and your furry family set the tone and pace. During your shoot I'll combine gently posed portraits with capturing spontaneous, unguarded moments as they unfold - no forced poses and awkward smiles here.

Our Session Will Generally Last 1-2 Hours. This gives us plenty of time to capture the full range of your story together while keeping your pets calm, relaxed and comfortable. It also allows for plenty of play breaks so that your pets don't become bored.

You'll see me make funny noises, jump around, crawl around on the ground and get into weird positions to grab your pets attention and deliver those great images of your pet for you.

The casual tone of my sessions allow you and your pet to be yourselves in front of the camera. That's when the magic happens. I'll definitely need your assistance during the shoot but I will let you know what to do and when so you don't have to worry about it.

I do ask that you please be patient with your pet and allow me to direct the session. This is a completely new experience for them and they are going to have a much better time if you are relaxed and patient.



Your Online Gallery will be available for you to view and choose your favourites from two (2) weeks after your session. All images will have been edited fully except for removing leashes and final image cleanup (removing eye boogers etc).

You'll be able to view your images for the first time, and choose which Digital Package you would like to purchase.

Once you have selected your Package from the online gallery and chosen your images. I will do the final edit on the photos and email you the link to download your photos. This generally takes two (2) weeks after you've made your selection.

Digital Packages will be on sale for the first 48 hours after your gallery goes live. You'll be sent a link after your session to pick the date you wish your gallery to go live. (Please leave at least 1 week between when your session ends and the gallery release to allow me time to process your images).

The online gallery will be available for 10 days. But the sale prices only apply for the first 48 hours that the gallery is live. After that time, the prices go back up to full price. After the 10 day period, the gallery will automatically be de-activated and your photos purged from the system, so I urge you to make your selections within that time frame.

Your 6x4 Gift Prints will also be ordered after the final edit and after undergoing a quality check from me, once they arrive they will be posted out to you for you to enjoy! (Typically this takes 2 weeks after your digital images are delivered).

Additional Prints & Products are typically ready within 4-6 weeks. If you have ordered additional products then your 6x4" prints will be held until the full order is ready and they can be delivered at the same time for your convenience.





After Your Session:

You can choose which images you would like to purchase from the comfort of your own home, in your pyjamas if you want, with your own personal online gallery.

You have the choice between 4 Packages.

And if you purchase during the first 48hrs after the gallery goes live you can get up to 30% off (depending on what package you choose).



PACKAGE 01.jpg



Entire high resolution digital package (30+ images)

6 x 4" print of every image ordered


(Price returns to $1950 after the 48hr sale)

PACKAGE 02.jpg



20 high resolution digital images

6 x 4" print of every image ordered


(Price returns to $1290 after the 48hr sale)

PACKAGE 03.jpg



10 high resolution digital images

6 x 4" print of every image ordered


(Price returns to $990 after the 48hr sale)




5 high resolution digital images

6 x 4" print of every image ordered


(Price returns to $690 after the 48hr sale)